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The 5 Best Islands in the Florida Keys in 2023

The Florida Keys offer a tropical taste of sunshine and island vibes right here in the contiguous United States. It’s a destination that’s just as incredible, but often more practical than traveling to faraway islands. Made up of more than 1,700 islands in all, 5 island destinations are considered the “main event” in the Keys. […]

The 9 Best Islands in the Caribbean to Visit in 2023

The tropical shores of the Caribbean islands – more than 700 in all, divided into 13 sovereign island nations – are a favorite destination for travelers seeking sunshine and fun.  You probably don’t need a reason to visit the Caribbean islands with images of swaying palm trees, sparkling blue waters, and calypso music filling your […]

Best places to visit in Norway from polar wonder to design-forward cities

Geirangerfjord The 12-mile (20km) chug along Geirangerfjord, a Unesco World Heritage site, must rank as the world’s loveliest ferry journey. Long-abandoned farmsteads still cling to the fjord’s near-sheer cliffs while ice-cold cascades tumble, twist and gush down to emerald-green waters. Take it from Geiranger and enjoy the calm as you leave the heaving port or […]